Post - Surgical Rehabilitation

The patient may attend physical therapy immediately following their surgery or Day 1 post-operatively.

Physical therapy is essential to begin as soon as possible to in oder to prevent muscle atrophy and to reduce scar build-up.

A typical immediate post-operative PT session will consist of:

  1. Gentle muscle strengthening exercises, within surgical protocol guidelines. All surgeries have differing precautions, unique to each technique and body part. The PT’s at Atlanta Orthopedic Institute are experienced in many types of surgery.
  2. Gentle range of motion is encouraged immediately within the surgical protocol restrictions.
  3. Gait (walking) is reviewed and the patient is assisted in brace fitting and use of assistive devices.
  4. The wound will be examined and the wound dressings may be modified.
  5. Cryotherapy (use of ice) may be utilized to reduce swelling.
  6. Most importantly, the patient is gently encouraged to use their joint, to protect it only as much as necessary and not to “over-protect” it, developing negative compensatory patterns and resulting in un-necessary weakness.
  7. The patient will be able to address any questions and concerns within each session.

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