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Spinal Physical Therapy (Neck and Back)

33 individual vertebrae make up the spine. The spine needs to provide strong and rigid support for our muscles, allowing our bodies to stand strong and tall, for long periods, against gravity. Conversely, the spine also has to allow movement – twisting, bending, squatting.

These seemingly opposite functions – rigidity versus flexibility – need to be addressed when injury occurs. Physical therapists are uniquely trained in evaluation and treatment of all spinal disorders, including post-surgical rehabilitation.

Research indicates that a combination of therapeutic rehabilitation and manual physical therapy best address spinal pain or injury. Physical therapists are uniquely trained in both exercises (therapeutic rehabilitation) and hands-on treatment (manual therapy).

Our physical therapists will evaluate each individual. The patient will be put through a series of physical tests to determine where movement dysfunction and weaknesses are present. Even though two patients may present with the same diagnosis, for example a herniated disc, they will still have individual presentations which need to be evaluated and addressed.

An individualized rehabilitation program is designed for each patient. The program is re-assessed at each treatment session according to the patient’s particular progression. This is a unique aspect of PT rehabilitation as one-size does NOT fit all.

The patient will additionally be taught a home exercise program, in order to continue strengthening outside of the clinic environment.

Manual therapy will also be performed. This may include joint mobilization or manipulation, dry needling, myo-fascial release, active release, passive stretching, McConnell taping, mechanical traction etc. Techniques, again, are chosen according to individual patient presentation.

Atlanta Orthopedic Institute Physical Therapy can expertly address your neck or back pain.

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